Membership Committee


To increase and maintain a diverse membership at the highest possible levels and to set the standard of service for our membership.

Tasks and Responsibilities

1. Recruitment and retention.

a. Develop  a member-get-a-member campaign that is strategically timed to represent the traditional peak time that members join (perhaps prior to the conference) and provides incentives for new members and sponsor/recruiters of new members.
b. Compile a prospect list of  “must join” or “likely to join”
c. Develop a system retention process

2. Assessment of membership needs and current services. Develop a survey or focus group of your members to determine:

a. What major value they get from their membership
b. What keeps them awake at night that the association can help them with. I would suggest a survey or focus group of non-members asking them what they need to be more successful. In times of economic stress when schools are cutting budgets, for example, a job board

3. Membership Brochure. Focusing on typography and content.


  1. Recruitment and retention. Present a proposal for the member-get-a-member campaign, retention system process, and provide executive director with prospect list.
  2. Assessment of membership needs and current services. Present a proposal of survey or focus group.
  3. Membership Brochure. Produce updated brochure.

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