Conference Committee


To promote excellence in school counseling by providing quality professional development opportunities to meet the needs of WSCA members.

Tasks and Responsibilities

A. Keynote and program speakers.

    1. Provide opportunities for counselors through networking, best practices and research based sharing sessions at WSCA Conference.
    2. Research and secure Keynote speakers, preconference speakers conferences/workshops that support best practices in school counseling.
    3. Collaborate on current research with counselor educators; work with counselor educators to provide workshops based on the information received.
B. Assessment of conference needs
    1. Develop a survey or focus group of your members to determine:
      • What programs/workshops do school counselors feel would help them do their job better?
      • I would suggest a survey or focus group of members and non-members asking them what WSCA can provide at future conferences that would support them in their job.

C. Conference support

  1. Develop a system to help support the conference through sponsorships and exhibitor support.
  2. Develop a database of potential sponsors.
  3. Write a letter for potential sponsors
  4. Provide ideas to expand the exhibitor contacts list.


Committee structure

Develop a timeline and a calendar of conference committee meetings and tasks list for the year.


Conference budget

Develop a budget for the conference with the treasurer and executive director.



  1. Keynote and program speakers – Present a proposal for the Keynote speaker and pre conference options. Develop a list of topics and presenters for workshops.
  2. Assessment of conference needs– Present a proposal of survey.
  3. Conference support – Produce a letter and contact list for sponsors and exhibitors.
  4. Committee structure- Work with executive director to produce a schedule, calendar and task list for the committee.
  5. Conference budget- Work with executive director and treasurer to provide a budget for the conference.


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