Nominations & Elections Committee


The Nominations and Elections Committee oversees the election of WSCA’s WSCA Board of Directors members.

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall consist of the Immediate Past President, who shall serve as Chair.  The Committee shall follow the guidelines for selecting candidates for the Association in accordance with WSCA bylaws and the Nominations and Elections policies.

Candidates for any office shall not serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee.  Board members on the Nominations and Elections Committee who decide to run for an office must resign from the committee as soon as their intentions are made known to the WSCA Board of Directors.

  1. Perform such duties as may be directed by the Bylaws or WSCA Board of Directors.
  2. Carry out the responsibilities as listed in the Nominations and Elections Guidelines.
  3. Shall issue a call for nominations for the following year in appropriate newsletters and secure suggestions for possible candidates with assistance of the level vice-presidents and representatives.  (Encourage members to seek nomination by articles in the WSCA School Counselor Insights, personal contact, telephone calls, letters, and through the WSCA web site and listserv.)
  4. Screen candidates’ information packets for completion of all requirements and determine eligibility.
  5. Inform all nominees of eligibility status.
  6. Solicit and select additional candidates for the final ballot if a sufficient number of candidates are not selected by December 1st.
  7. Submit candidates’ personal statements to the editor of The WSCA School Counselor Insights magazine.
  8. Send original candidate packets to the WSCA office for the files.
  9. Oversee election activities and respond to questions or charges of violations concerning the election activities of candidates.  Members of the Nominations and Election Committee may raise questions concerning candidate actions when appropriate.
  10. Inform candidates of election results by telephone and letter.

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